My final picture had 10 changes and two added photos. I changed the color of the flowers by the burning tool but you can still see the texture of the flower petals. Also the grooves on the tombstone to create an olden day feel which this tombstone is 137 years old. Space for this tombstone is limited because of a vertical picture but the flowers are spaced out like they were actually put there. The emphasis is on the tombstone because that is in the center of the picture and has the most light on it. The color of this picture is darker because it is supposed to have a sad feeling but it is still in daylight.

1-I changed the original tombstone picture's hue to +8 to make the grass look greener and not grey as it was before.
2-I then changed the lightness to -2 to make the picture just a bit darker
3-I changed the original picture levels to skewed to the right
4-I made the shadow darker of the tombstone by burning
5-I quick selected the yellow flower to move it into the new tombstone picture
6-I moved the yellow flowers into the new picture
7-After moving the yellow flowers into the picture I burned the flowers so they would fit into the picture better
8- I quick selected the colorful flowers to move into the tombstone picture
9- I moved the colorful flowers into the new picture with the yellow flowers
10-I burned the colorful flowers so they would match the yellow flowers in the picture.