Originals 1, 2, and 3

When given the assignment of combining three photographs into one to represent differences in texture, the class took a trip into the woods to find different subjects. After looking through all of my photographs, I decided that these three would be the best to use when it comes to comparing texture. The first photo of the tinfoil has jagged, messy edges. The leaves in the second photograph are smooth with parallel lines running through them. In the third photo, the caterpillar has a soft, fuzzy texture. When combined, the three pictures show a great variety. In order to make the three look like they belong together I had to do a lot of editing. First I selected, copied, and pasted the caterpillar onto the picture of the tinfoil. Then I did the same three things with the leaves. Because the lines from the selection was jagged, I had to erase as well as blur the edges of the caterpillar to make its body seem more natural. The leaves were too defined for the tinfoil picture so I blurred and erased those edges as well. Because the leaf on the right was cut off at the top of the original picture, I really had to focus on that area and erased the straight edges making it seem like the leaf folded over. The picture of the caterpillar was taken in the shade of the woods while the tinfoil was taken in bright daylight. In order to make the caterpillar blend in, I had to burn parts of it's body where shadows would most likely be and I had to dodge other parts, turning them lighter where I thought the sun would hit. I also had to burn the foil underneath him because if the final picture were real, he would have left a shadow. To make the leaves seem darker so they didn't distract from the rest of the photograph, I had to go into the levels setting and raise the black level and the gray level and lower the white level. Also, I raised the black level of the caterpillar to make him fit into the lighting better. After all of these changes, the final picture is a good representation of the compositional technique surrounding the depth. The tinfoil comes forward in the picture but it is still obvious that there's more in the back. The further back the viewer looks, the more blurred the foil becomes. Because of the depth and blurred background, the subjects of the picture stand out even more. If all of the tinfoil were in focus, the roughness and shine of it would most likely become a distraction. For this assignment I think that I was pretty successful. I did represent three different kinds of texture and changed at least ten things. I tried my best to make the three images look like one but I'm sure there's more I could've done. But, because it was my first time using photoshop, I am proud of the result.

Final Picture