My final image is portraying the feel and texture of nature. You can feel the texture of the grass as it moves in the wind; all of the tall grass is showing a smooth texture. The yellow flowers in the front give a softer feel of nature. I used the rule of thirds with brad in the picture. He is off to the right side; I did this so that you can see all of the grass and sky for most of the picture. The bench frames the prairie grass, by having the texture of the wood it makes the grass pop even more. The bird and the butterfly are just parts of movement, they really depict nature by giving the feeling of how everything is intertwined. If I could do something different I would have taken more pictures that could have worked together because a lot of them were kind of random. If I would have taken more pictures that were together it would have been easier to combine them.

10 changes
1.) Added the sky into the new picture by using the magic wand to remove the original sky and then put the new sky as a layer behind the original picture.
2.) I used the rectangle marquee tool to select a portion of the new sky that i wanted to use.
3.) Added the bird by erasing the background and then copy and pasted just the bird into the new picture
4.) Added the butterfly by selecting the butterfly and then deselecting everything else. I then copy and pasted him into the new picture
5.) Blended the sky line in the new picture with the burn and smudge tool.
6.) Added a layer of blue fill and then changed the fill opacity to 37%
7.) Added shadows to the butterfly by burning.
8.) Smudge brads hair on the sides.
9.) Darkened the bird in the sky/ burned
10.) Brightened the sky to 67%