hardingorig1.jpg hardingorig2.jpg
Changes:1.) I used the Curves option and changed my final picture to a strong contrast. 2.) I used the Blur tool to blur the edges of the flowers so they would look more realistic in the final photo.3.) I used the Burn tool to make the shadows darker.4.) I changed the exposure to make the image darker.5.) I then lowered the vibrance to make the textures pop more.6.) I used the quick selection tool to select the yellow flowers faster.
7.) I used the lasso tool to make the edges around the flowers smoother then the quick selection tool did.
8.) I copied and pasted the flowers onto the background image.9.) I then used the eraser tool to erase around the flowers a little bit to make the edges sharper.10.) Finally, I greatly lowered the saturation to make the textures pop about even further.
Compositional technique:For my main photograph, I used the compositional technique, rule of thirds because there is something going on in the photograph at every third of the picture. This technique worked for my picture because it created more interest in the composition compared to if everything was in the center.
Design TechniquesTexture:The texture i emphasized on was the grass and the gradient of the tombstone in the background image. Even the basket on the let hand side had a lot of texture as well. I focused on these points because the background picture is what took up the most space in the photograph. My final photo wouldn't have been as texture filled if I only focused on the textures of the flowers. Color:I changed my photo into black and white because I felt the textures throughout the grass popped out better then it would have if it was green. Space:I mainly used up all of the space in the photograph because I didn't want to emphasize on one specific thing. I wanted the audience more involved with my photo. Shape/Form:For the background image, I specifically set up everything in the photo. I did this because I wanted to form the photograph instead of taking a photo of something I found. I also loved the shape of the green nut, acorn and leaf. I felt that all of the shapes in the final photograph complemented each other.
Assignment Success:I felt I was decently successful with this assignment. I really love my original images though, but I do love the composition of the final. I wouldn't really change anything to this project or assignment because I thought it was a good jump into photography and photoshop for people who haven't learned about them.