1. changed the brightess and contrast of the beginning picture

2. Adjusted the vibrance

3. added one tree to right side-burned and sponge tool

4. adjusted the saturation-more reds

5. added second tree to left side-burned and sponge tool

6. added shadows

7. Added grave-burned and sponge tool

8. changed the vibrance-more

9. overlayed texture picture-multiply

10. adjusted picture color to black and white

In my combined picture, I made many changes but some major things changed is first I changed the brightness and contrast of the beginning picture, by making it brighter and added contrast. Then I changed the vibrance so it became brighter and more colorful. I then added the first tree to the right side, then used the burn and sponge tool to make it look natural. I adjusted the saturation so more red was shone through the picture. I added the second tree on the left side and used the burn and sponge tool to make it look real. Then I adjusted the shadows in the background. When I added the grave, I, again, used the burn and sponge tool, and added a few shadows to make it look real. After I used the eraser tool to smooth out the edges of my trees and the grave. I added the overlaid picture and set it on multiply. Lastly, I adjusted the picture color to black and white.

In my picture I used the compositional technique of leading lines and framing. The trail, the background photo, leads the viewers eyes down to the end of the trail. The two front trees work as a frame for my picture, as well as leading lines.

My picture contained many different textures, the trees, the trail and the overlaying photograph. I emphasized the texture overall in the photo by placing the photograph of the desk, and its texture over the whole photo creating a whole new texture.

I feel decent with my picture. I believe with a little more time, and a little more practice, I could create a much better photograph. If I could change anything, it would be choosing a more clear photo of the front trees, since they are out of focus.