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To create this image, I used one whole image, and cut outs from 2 other images. I used the burn tool on both the grave stone and the flowers. I changed the curves on the grave stone and the bird. I changed the size of the flowers and the bird to make it more scale to the rest of the image. To make the flowers look more like they belong in this image, I used photo filter to darken the flowers so they had more of a shadow effect. With the bird and the flower, I changed the color balance. Lastly, for the bird, I also changed the exposure, and I used the grain texture filter. The bird needed the most work because it started out with a blue-ish tint and I tried to make it match the grave stone.
The compositional techniques I used were the rule of thirds, level horizon, and fill the frame. I used rule of thirds with the grave stone by having it off centered, and more to the left. The horizon was not just straight in the midle of my photo, it was up a little higher, and it was kind of diagonal. I filled the frame by filling the whole photo with objects and not leaving too much empty space. The texture i emphasized most with my photograph was the rough texture of the grave stone. I also tried to blend the texture of the bird with the texture if the grave stone. I feel like I was pretty successful with this project. I understood what the learning target was, and i portrayed my understanding in my finished photo. I am pleased with the finished product, but something I might change for the future is to just get a little more familiar with photoshop so that I can expand my abilities.