I took this photo in front of the school. I wasn't looking to get anything out of this photo, I just took it to get a feel for what the camera was like. In the end I decided to use Brenna and part of the tree in my final photo.


This photo was taken in Mrs.Bjork's art room downstairs. I was really trying to observe how certain objects looked together. Because I was trying to tell a story I decided to use the clock in my final photo.


Obviously I took this photo in the cemetery. I really liked the colors of the flowers and the angle of the graves. I used the graves in my final photo to represent that Brenna was dead.


I took this photo because I really liked the way the sign was hidden under the leaves and branches. I decided to use it in my final to give that mysterious feel to my photo.

The idea for this photo randomly hit me one class period. These clippings of photos were combined not just to create a pretty picture, but to tell a story. By combining Brenna, a clock, 2 gravestones, and a caution sign, I felt that I was able to accomplish my story. I faded Brenna out to look ghostly, and to show that she had died. I also used the graves to give that effect. I faded out the clock to show that Brenna ran out of time, and centered it so it's the first part of the photo seen. I also changed the color of the photo to black and white.

10 Changes:
1. I changed the color to black and white
2. I adjusted the black and white level to 26
3. I added the clock cutout to the final photo
4. I adjusted to tone of the clock by changing it to hard light
5. I added Brenna on the tree into the final photo
6. I adjusted Brenna's opacity to 74%
7. I added the graves into the final photo
8. I adjusted the grave tone to hard light
9. I added the notice sign into the final photo
10. I adjusted the sign tone to hard light