The first thing I changed to create my final piece was to copy and pasted new imagery in. I added the flowers from one of the original pictures into the vase the angel is holding. After that, I adjusted to color of the background to make it look black and white. The tombstone was then added at the bottom of the photograph. I adjusted the color the background again so the tombstone was also black and white. I faded the flowers a little so they weren't as bright. Next, I adjusted the color of the flowers by layering the pictures, so they were colored. The bench from the graveyard was added to the background of the picture. I adjusted the color of the bench by laying it under the black and white setting. Lastly, I adjusted the color of the final product by using levels, and then by using vibrance.

The compositional technique I used in the final product was the Rule of Thirds. Where every third intersects, there is something interesting. The leaves, the flowers, and the wings of the angel make up those intersections.

The picture that I emphasized was the picture of the flowers. The texture of flowers is different, but I feel that I emphasized it so people will understand how it would feel.

Overall, I feel like my project was a success. I think the photograph looks realistic, but it does look photoshopped in a way. One thing that I would change for my next project is to make the added objects look more proportional to the original picture.