10 Changes:
  1. I used the color balance to change the color of the stuffed animal picture.
  2. I combined the colored and original layers of the stuffed animal picture to be able to copy them to the new picture.
  3. I used the clone stamp to put the stuffed animal head on the gravestone.
  4. I faded the clone stamp to make it look like part of the gravestone.
  5. I used the clone stamp to add the leaf to the picture.
  6. I faded the edges of the leaf a little so it wouldn't stick out as much
  7. I used the spot healing tool on the edge of the leaf.
  8. I used the clone stamp again to cover some of the overlapping spots from the original photos.
  9. I faded the clone stamp a little on the edges to make it fit better.
  10. I changed the images to a lower resolution and downsized them to be able to fit them on the page.
Compositional techniche:
I used the rule of thirds to place the leaf and the head of the stuffed animal on the gravestone.

I like the interesting textures on the leaf. There are lots of interesting marks in the leaf and it looks really cool.

I believe that i was successful in creating a believable photoshop image. The things i added don't look out of place.