Schaffnerorig3.jpgSchaffnerOrig1.jpg SchaffnerOrig2.jpgSchaffnerFinal.jpg

Ten Changes:
  1. Brightness and Contrast of Layer 3
  2. Color of Layer 3
  3. Vibrance and Saturation of Layer 3
  4. Brightness and Contrast of Layer 2
  5. Color of Layer 2
  6. Cropped all the original pictures
  7. Curve of Layer 3
  8. Used Quick Selection Tool
  9. Brightness and Contrast of the Background
  10. Copy and Pasted pictures into the final picture

Compositional Technique: Leading Lines
For my final picture, I combined three original images together to make it look like they were all part of one beginning image. The main Compositional Technique that I used was Leading Lines. Leading Lines are lines in the image that lead the eyes to another part of the image. I used Leading Lines to make peoples eyes, when they look at the photograph, reach all the way to the back of the picture. The background image itself makes it look like that because of the way I captured the picture going towards the building.

Elements and Principles of Design I used:
One of the Principles of Design that I used was Unity. Unity is used to make it seem like everything in the picture goes together, or is unified. They can be unified by all being close in color, or even be the same color. I used this principle by making the pictures that I put into the original picture to make it look like one by adjusting them to match the color of it, or, to make it unified. Another principle that I used was Balance. I used this by creating balance within the different colors of the pictures. I did that by either changing the brightness/contrast of the picture, or the hue/saturation of it. One main element of Design that I used was texture. I edited the texture of the pictures that I added into the original picture by making them as smooth as I could around the edges when I was selecting them from their original image. I made the texture look natural in the photograph as well. Another element of Design that I used was Direction. I did this by pointing the arrow that I placed in to the picture out towards the viewer to make it seem like it was originally supposed to be there in the first place. I also changed the value of pictures in my final project. Value is the lightness and/or darkness of color and I used this in my project by changing, in fact, the lightness and darkness of the different picture.