A4 Texture Schall






To create my final piece I made several alterations. The first alteration I made was switching the colors to gray scale to express the dark depressing mood I wanted to create with this piece. I then added my two images to the background I used and altered them by softening the edges on the clothes of the girl. I also had to darken parts of her clothes with a paintbrush to match the shade of her clothes. I also created some shadows behind the girl and the tombstone to make them seem like they fit in the piece. The final thing I did was adjust the shade of the shadow on the tombstone to match the shade of the shadow the background gave off. The different textures in my photo include the texture of the rough crunchy leaves, the smooth surface of the tombstone, and the soft material of the girl. Some rules I tired Incorporating was framing which can be seen in the background with the trees and I also tried to position everything off center. I feel I was successful in combining different textures and creating a feeling in my photo. However I wish I had edited my photo with color more before I went to gray scale. I also regret compressing my layers into one layer because it made it very difficult to smooth of my edges and make any kind of changes to one layer.