10 Step To Create The Picture
1. Placed cross statue/grave in
2. Placed Plant with a bee on it in
3. Took text off the cross statue/grave
4. Contrast of background was changed
5. Contrast of grave/statue was changed
6. Contrast of plant with bee on it was changed
7. Saturation of the whole photo was changed
8. The edges were blured with blur tool
9. Exposure and Gamma was changed slightly
10. Sharpened all edges of the picture

My compositional technique was to place the images where they looked the most natural. The cross picture, the cross ends are both cut off, so I placed it where the two ends could be cut off in my final picture. Along with the plant with the bee on it I placed it to the side because it wasn't the main focus of the picture. I tried to blend all the textures together. To do that I contrasted all of the layers to be the same brightness, to make it look like all the things in the picture were taken at the same place. I feel that I was successful on this assignment for being my first project on photoshop and using a camera.