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  • Write an explanation of the 10 changes you made to create a Combined 3 Image Final.
The images included in my final were flowers, and a background of a plant. There were many things that I had changed to this image. Initially, I copied and pasted new imagery of the flowers onto my background. The pink flower had fading petals; therefore, I took a different picture of the same type of flower and those petals replaced the original petals. Once I had placed the petals onto the flower I didn’t like some the petal imperfections, so I used the clone stamp to fix the ends and the sides of the petals. My background image - of the plant- as well needed a touch up. The one thing that was wrong with my background image was it contained a dead strand of the plant in the image. To fix this problem I used the clone stamp tool, this tool helped me cover up the dead strand with the same color and texture as all the other strands. Also, before I used effects on my photo I fixed the yellow flower by making the edges look rounder and not pointy. Next, in the middle of the flower I had to make the middle section - the black part- connect to the pedals. When I changed my flower using the effects on Photoshop I had decreased the lighting of the shadows completely as well as darkening highlights completely. Lastly, for the yellow flower, I changed the hue to the color reddish orange and adjusted the temperature between the colors purple and pink. For the pink flower, I made the hue between red and orange, lightened shadows completely and darkened highlights halfway.
  • Explain which compositional technique you used in the main photograph.
The compositional technique I used in my final photograph was fill the frame. I let the subject of the flowers fill the whole frame by zooming in on the subjects. You receive the full affect of the flowers when close up noticing more detail than looking at them farther away.

  • Describe the texture you emphasized ad any other elements and principles of design that you feel you highlighted.
The texture I emphasized was everything included in my photograph. For example, the petals, the middle part of the flower, and the water droplets on the strands of the green plant. My favorite part of texture in this photograph is the middle section of the pink flower. The middle section shows amazing detail and texture. Also for the design of my photo I feel that I made the photograph look like it came from a tropical island because I had the rain in the background on the strips of green plant and the more vibrant colored flowers in front of it.
  • Explain how successful you feel you were with the assignment and any changes you would consider for next time.
I feel successful about this assignment. I worked tediously on trying to make the image look real and colorful by trying to fix the petals. The thing that I would consider for next time is to not do a photograph involving flowers. The reason for this is because I had to use a different flower image and cut out the old petals on the original flower and then put the new petals in the original photo. In addition, it was hard to get rid of the shadows and imperfections that were on the petals and make the petals look as smooth and gentle as possible.