IMG_3427.JPG IMG_3203.JPG Tschan-Final.jpg

10 Changes:
1. I used the Crop Tool, i cropped graves from the grave yard picture and put them in my other picture that looks somewhat like a forest.
2. I used the Blur Tool, i blended the graves in to the "forest" to not make the edges of the grave stones so sharp and unrealistic.
3. I used the Burn Tool, to make the inside of the "forest" darker.
4. I also used the Burn Tool to make the graves darker.
5. I used the Eraser Tool to erase half of the small grave that is behind half of the tree.
6. I used the Clone Stamp also in order to make the small grave look likes its behind half of the tree by clone stamping the tree over the other missing half of the grave.
7. I used the Eraser Tool to reshape some of the graves to make them look like they have a rough edge to them.
8. I used the Pattern Stamp to put moss on the grave to make it look like there is life and to blend it in to the picture.
9. I used the Patter Stamp to put the pine needles around the bottom of the medium sized grave in the back to make it look more realistic.
10. I changed the size of the overall picture to make the capacity reasonable for this wiki site.

Compositional Techniques:
Three compositional techniques i used were Lighting, Shapes and Lines, and also the View Point or Camera Angle. As you can see in the final picture the main lighting of the photo is out where the water is. I thought it was symbolizing life, where as in the darker part of the whole picture, where the grave stones are, it is incorporating death. There are many shapes and lines throughout this whole picture, making you turn your head everywhere. There is a crooked tree, a straight tree, trees falling over, the different shapes of the rocks, the different shapes of the roots of the trees, and different kinds and shapes of moss and pine needles going in every direction, which is cool because its no ordinary picture and it really makes you look at many things in the picture. The view point/camera angle is capturing the picture in the "forest" and also looking out by the river. The two big trees on the right of the picture may seem like they are big but thats only because the camera was angled up close to them while the rest of the picture is further away. This was taken like this so the person viewing can seem like they are actually there.

There are many different textures in this photo. The moss on the tree, the tree bark, the rough edges of the stones and the stones themselves, the rough edges of the grave stones, the pine needles on the ground, the rush of the river down below.

Successful/would you change something?
My photo was successful. Next time i may incorporate more objects to fill the picture even more. I definitely would take the shadow off of the big grave in the middle, it just doesn't look right.