Adobe Bridge Tool To Use For Loading and Sorting Photos

Start out by opening Adobe Bridge. Do this before you connect your camera and USB cable to the computer. You will see a screen that looks something like this. It allows you to view your folders, the images in the folder and all of the data pertaining to the images. You can change the view by clicking in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. You can also click on an image thumbnail and see an enlarged version of it to preview the image. You can also put keywords (tags) on an image to make it easier to find the image you're looking for. Bridge allows you to keep your images organized. The screen print below shows the inside of one of my folders.


This view shows my Pictures folder and the folders within it. This is a great way to keep your images organized and also a way to choose what to open.


Now that you know what Bridge can do connect your camera with the USB cable or the card reader and go to File - Get Photos from Camera.

Bridge will ask you if you want to always open get images when a camera is connected. If you do click ok and then from now on when you connect your camera Bridge will automatically open. This works well if you're loading all the images you shot. If you want to pick and choose what to upload it doesn't work as well. I usually load them all and then command-multi-select (hold down the command key and click on all the images you want to delete) and delete any images you do not want.

If you don't want to load all of the photos on the camera click Advanced Dialogue and it will open the images as thumbnails. You can then click the check boxes to select which photos to load.

Other Organizational Tips

Once you start editing images remember to save as and rename them. You may want to load all of your original images into an "originals" folder that will allow you to have a copy of the original before you do any alterations. Another way to save the original is when you open the image in Adobe Photoshop you can immediately copy the background layer and rename it layer one. By doing this you can build your image on other layers while preserving the original in the document.

Specific Directions for the Portrait Assignment

  1. Create a new folder in your DigiPhoto folder called Portrait
  2. Open Bridge and follow the directions for uploading images.
  3. Create an Originals folder in Portrait folder and put all originals in there.
  4. Create an Altered folder in and save images as you work on them in this folder.