Now that you've explored Composition and Focus and Lighting pick a partner to work with or work alone and do the following

  1. Click the + by the word Pages and Files to add a new page.

  2. Name it with your lastname-partner lastname so for example: If my partner were named John Smith then mine would be bjork-smith, if working alone just do your lastname-firstname.

  3. Once you've decided who you'll work with add yours and your partner's name to the table below, making sure you put it in the correct column for the class. Make sure you link your names to the new page. See below for directions how to link.

  4. On the new page you just created explain what you learned about composition, focus and lighting.

Address the following in your post.

What is important about focus? How do you get good focus in a digital slr photograph?

Explain in your own words what depth of field is and why it's important to understand when shooting photos.

What is the exposure triangle and why is it important to making quality photos? (HINT...there are 3 parts to the Triangle make sure you explain all three and how they relate to each other and making a good photo.)

What are the 5 compositional techniques we use in photography? EXPLAIN don't just list.

Which lighting techniques come from natural sources and which come from artificial? When would you use one vs another?

In terms of lighting what kinds of light sources do you already have experience shooting photos with? Explain.

Put your name and your partners name into the appropriate column below and link your names to the page you've created. To link simply highlight your names and click the link button in edit. Make sure nobody else is saving when you save. Try the link after you save it.

Jeanne Bjork