Complete the research for your cyanotype project.

Create a new page and name it lastname_cyan. Let me know so I can link your page to the names listed here or link it yourself. When you save your images name them with your last name so they're not all called cyanotype. So if they were mine it would be bjorkcyan1.jpg, bjorkcyan2.jpg, bjorkcyan3.jpg

Find 3 examples of cyanotypes that you find especially beautiful and inspiring.

Explain the name of the photographer, the media the print was printed on (is it paper, watercolor paper, fabric?) and the compositional technique utilized by the photographer. (leading lines, rule of thirds, level horizon, framing, fill the frame)

Explain how the artist incorporated the elements and principles of art. Make sure you explain how, don't just list.

  • The Elements: texture, line, shape, color, space, form, pattern.

  • The Principles: movement, rhythm, balance, emphasis, variety, unity/harmony, contrast

Make sure one example is a negative-based image (uses a negative transparency) ( you can tell because it looks just like a photo only it's blue) and that one is a photogram/contact print-based image(actual objects are placed on paper and printed silhouette occurs, almost a ghost of the objects). The third image is a freebie!

Now look at your own collection of images on Bridge from the Prairie and Cemetery.
  • Choose 2-3 of your images that you feel will make good cyanotype prints. Remember the criteria for creating a good cyanotype. Try to choose one that has a good range of values. Cyanotype tends to make the image more contrasty so try not to have too high of contrast. Pick an image with good value range and detail. You may decide to edit your images and combine or create a new idea based on what you learned in the Texture Combine 3 unit. These don't have to be unedited, but they could.
  • Embed your 2-3 images on your wiki page and
  • Explain the compositional technique you used and why you think they would make good cyanotype prints (not just value....what's your concept!)

Be careful the images you get are really cyanotypes. Don't use Google Image search. Instead try some of the resources I gave you on my wikipage.

Add your name here and link to your page of research:

Sammy Lee
Anna Holzhauer
Kelsey Fetherston
Kavitha Babu
Kailee Corica
Sarah Calderon
Liz Biely
Kiley Fetherston
Brooklyn Basche
Madison Sterling
Elise Picard
Madison Rebholz
Emma Keziah
Emma Crary
Katie Bies
Sydney Kyte
James Garcia
Michaelle Starich
Alison Zigler
Alex Weinfurter
Michaela Kaatz