Highlight your name and post a link to your flickr account with the images you've uploaded there. Make sure before you upload images via flickr.com that they are saved as jpgs. You are limited to a certain amount of memory space so the images you post on flickr should be lower resolution (72 dpi).

Make sure you save the original version at 300 dpi for the class share folder and exam.

Go to the flickr account that you created for this class. IF you never created a flickr account do so now. It is free. http://www.flickr.com

Post all of the images listed below to your flickr account

  1. TEXTURE COMBINE 3 project, 3 images used + final image
  2. 5 best portraits
  3. 5 best documentary photos.
  4. 1 final metaphor print
  5. Cyanotype negative file saved as jpg and a scanned version of the actual cyanotype print that has been printed saved as jpg.
  6. 5 Free choice images from any of the assignments or on your own that you feel were good and just didn’t get to include.

Highlight your name and link to your flickr account. Make sure the link works.

Bridget B
Heather D
John D
Mikayla G
Chace G
Dan H
Jackie K
Truman K
Clancy M
Samantha P
Maddie P
Ryan P
Jacob S
CJ Sim
CJ Sind
Nicole S
Kelly S
Mariah U