Research the concept of Five. Look at the various sources on this page that are all about 5/Five and develop a post that explains in writing and images what you intend to do and how you will interpret this project.

Some ideas of Five/5:
five inches
five feet
five miles
five objects
five senses
500 words
five/5 in found signage, billboards, shops etc
five colors only
five images in one
series of five images that go together
fifth dimension
fifth place
five favorites
songs about five
stories about five
five exposures
5 years old
50 years old

What else can you think of ?

Create a new wiki page and post the following to show your research. Link your name when your page is up and saved.

Your proposal should discuss:
  • who/What you intend to photograph,
  • how you will edit and finish the images

  • why you’ve chosen this interpretation,
  • when/where you plan to shoot your images.

  • What is your concept?
  • How will you compose your shots (compositional techniques?).
  • Post 3 images in a banner that support your research and have inspired you in some way
  • Due end of class on Monday/Tuesday March 24/25


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