We have learned a great deal this semester. Now it is your turn to explore a topic of your own choosing. Develop a complex concept and composition based on your research with the information here. You aren't copying these master artists, but, rather you are being influenced by their style or their subject matter. But you must design your own, unique and creative concept.

You should look at the work of at least 3 people from each list before making your decision!

Research masters of photography using this list for guidance. It includes the list that of modern masters and historical masters of photography.

  1. Write a brief wiki page about the artists you are working from and tell how and why they have influenced you.
  2. Put a copy of some of their work on the page. (create a banner as we've done before with 3 images)
  3. Explain how you will develop a complex composition. What Photoshop or other techniques will you use?
  4. Choose at least one principle of design that you will focus on and try to use with this project. Explain what it is and why you're using it.
  5. Explain how you will develop a complex concept, going beyond just a pretty picture. Will you develop a series? Will you merge many photos into one? What will you do to make sure your image(s) are complex and unique?
  6. Create a new wiki page here and link your name to it to log your research.
  7. Save it as Masters Photo_your last name.
  8. Site your sources.


Sara Acosta

Hannah Dillemuth

Brittany Adkins

Rhiannon Wasley

Holli Cook

Kendra Schwartz

Alyssa Czerwinski

Natalie Worcester

Katie Daul

Abby Sharpee

Olivia Hinkle

Alex Caraulia

Kayla Kogod

Cara Malone

Sammy Marz

Austin McBride

Abbi Sumpter

Hannah Michaelson

Theo Ruffin

Danielle Sallman

Samantha Willis

Klaus Zirkle


Nicole Ciesielczyk

Lindsay Wisniewski

Kevin Cieszki

Madison Giordano

Nina Wiley

Kayla Holzhauer

Alex Hultine

Emma Jansen

Griffin Jende

Morgan Johnson

Julia Marrero

Kelly Mitchell

Madisen Weisensel


Ben Tremmel

Brittany Udulutch

Haley Wittenburg

Adriana Woerishofer