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Now that you have explored the concept of Lost & Found develop a proposal explaining what you plan to do for this assignment. Make sure you describe how you will meet the criteria. Check the assignment sheet on the Weebly website for details of what is expected. In your proposal explain the following:

  1. How will you create a complex composition? Will you use multiple images collaged or montaged into one or will you do a series of images 3-5 that are printed and displayed together?
  2. What will the subject of your images be? How will you develop your concept? What is your concept?
  3. How will you incorporate collage, montage, found objects or found photography?
  4. What type of lighting will you work in?
  5. Are there other art processes you will need to use to create your piece? collage, montage, sculpture, fabric, recycled materials?
  6. Why will you create the images you've planned?
  7. What principles of art do you hope to use and focus on?
  8. Post 3 images that will inspire your work. These could be images you've found or come from my pinboards. Post the 3 images in the form of a banner and explain how they will inspire your work. Click here is you forgot how to make a banner.
  9. Please create a page and call it: lastname_first name_lostfound. Call your banner lastname_first name_lostfound.jpg Link your name below when your page has been created. Remember to put something on the page or it won't exist.

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