visual metaphor copy.jpg
visual metaphor copy.jpg

Mythology and Visual Metaphor Proposal

Now that you've thought about the idea of mythology and visual metaphor and you've looked at many examples from the resource page. Develop your own idea here.

Post a banner of at least 3 images you found that will inspire your project. ( How to....

  1. Use Adobe Photoshop to combine your 3 images into one banner bar so you only have to upload one image instead of 3.

    • Do this by going to File>New>set up the resolution as 72, make sure it's in RGB, set the size to 14 inches wide by 5 inches tall (or whatever size you need to fit your three images). Click ok.
    • Then open your images that you've saved from the internet and pull them onto this document and save as a jpg.
    • Name it lastname myth banner.jpg This will make it really easy to upload one image that contains the 3. If you keep the background white they will look like they're floating on the page.

Explain in writing the following:

CONCEPT: What is your idea for mythology and/or metaphor, how will you interpret the idea of a visual metaphor and a myth?
SUBJECT: What sorts of images will you need to shoot to create your idea? What will it involve? places, people, costumes, sets, nature, lighting?
REASONING: Why do you wish to do this idea? What will you learn from it? How is it interesting to you?
FACTS: What is the myth/metaphor that you are basing your idea on? Explain it's history and any other pertinent facts regarding the myth/metaphor that will help us understand your idea.

Site the sources where you found the images and explain who the photographer or artist is.

Create a new page called lastname_mythmetaphor and post to this new page. Let me know when your page is completed and saved with at least one word on it. I will then link your name.

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