Photography In The Real World - Research Proposal

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DigiPhoto Careers copy.jpg
DigiPhoto Careers copy.jpg

Create and link a page here that highlights the research you did on Careers in Photography. Make sure you do the following in your write-up.

  1. Include 3 photos you found that relate to the career you are interested in.
  2. List the website sources you used to do your research. These should be in addition to the resource pages I've already given you.
  3. Explain the types of photos photographers shoot (portrait, landscape, cityscape, still life, nature, rural, urban)
  4. Explain the style of work they must create in order to satisfy their client (realistic, abstract, glamour, journalistic, documentary, expressionistic, experimental)
  5. Explain the salaries they earn for their work (starting out, mid career, veteran)
  6. Explain the type or kind of schooling or other preparation they must go through
  7. Explain the type of environment they work in (own studio, corporation, free lance from home, other)
  8. Describe why you are interested in this specific career and what you think it would be like to do this for a living.
  9. List the names of three photographers who do this sort of work and list a link to their work or their studio.
  10. Write a proposal for your Real World Photography Assignment. What do you plan to do for the assignment? Set up a photo-shoot that mimics the career (Fashion photographer you'd shoot a fashion show, sports photographer you'd shoot a sporting event etc) or will you find a real career photographer and job shadow them and photograph them at work? Explain your plan and the 3-5 image series you plan to shoot. These must be new images shot specifically for this assignment. Can't use old stuff.

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