Portrait Photography

Artists like Cindy Sherman, Annie Lebowitz, Imogene Cunningham, Margaret Bourke-White, Diane Arbus, Harry Callahan, Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, Robert Bergman, Bernice Abott, Arnold Newman and more have been inspiring people for years with their portraits of people. Everyday people, the artist in costume, famous people and models have all posed as subject and muse for these talented photographers. Use this list as a starting point and complete the following research.

Robert Bergman really awesome portraits of street people and homeless amongst others.

Here are some other sites to look at for famous photographers and their self portraits.

Here's another click here.
Click here to see 10 of the most famous portrait photographers.

Research photographic portraits and add your findings here.

  1. Click the plus sign by Pages and Files in the upper left. Name your page with your last name, portrait, so my page would be Bjork Portrait.
  2. Save 3 examples of outstanding photographic portraits and tell why you think they are good (use your art vocabulary, elements and principles to discuss),
    1. To save on the mac from the internet:
    2. Right click, save as, choose a folder on your directory or make a new one called Portrait and save into that folder.
    3. If images don't show up it means that the author of the image has it protected and it can't be copied.
    4. Try capturing it using Diigo and then upload it from your Diigo image library. This usually works.
    5. You then have to open the image from the Diigo library into Photoshop. I can help you with this.
  3. Use Adobe Photoshop to combine your 3 images into one banner bar so you only have to upload one image instead of 3.
    • Do this by going to File>New>set up the resolution as 72, make sure it's in RGB, set the size to 14 inches wide by 5 inches tall. Click ok.
    • Then open your images that you've saved from the internet and pull them onto this document and save as a jpg.
    • Name it lastname port banner.jpg This will make it really easy to upload one image that contains the 3. If you keep the background white they will look like they're floating on the page.
  4. Explain what type of lighting (artificial: dramatic, flash, studio fill or natural: available, outside)
  5. Explain what type of compositional technique (leading lines, rule of thirds, framing, fill the frame, level horizon, focal point and point of view) the artist used to create their portraits.
  6. Tell who the artist is that shot the photo and the title of the image if available. If you use flickr.com images you may not get the actual name of the person so use their user name.
  7. Make sure you site the source where you got the photo (weblink not just google images. Need to list the actual site)
Make sure you let me know when your page is finished and I will link it here.
Make sure that you put the actual image into your post by using the file/image icon and inserting the actual image not a link.

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