Places and Spaces: Evoking a Mood Through Inner and Outer Space



Develop a portrait of a place you know well. Explore its architectural elements, its inner spaces and its outer landscapes. Try not to be nostalgic. Use your knowledge of lighting and composition to interpret this place creating a final printed work of art that evokes a mood that is unique to that certain place. Try to capture the personality of the place. How does it make you feel? What kind of emotions and ideas do you connect to this place? Are there certain memories you have from going there?

Identify the experimental printing process that you want to explore through your final print of the piece. Make sure you've watched all the videos and clicked the links so you understand the terminology (substrate, digital ground, image transfer, altered art etc.)

There are many types of places that you could choose to portray in this assignment

landscapes- a portrait of nature from a far away vantage point taking in the overall view of an area. Check out this article on modern landscape photography.

cityscapes- a portrait of the city including buildings, streets, lights and people in the city although they aren't the main focus, displays the architecture of the buildings

interiorscapes- a room or part of a room that illustrates the lighting, shadows, objects, furniture and architectural details of that room.

mindscapes- dealing with more abstract ideas that you portray through imagery. John Paul Caponigro's work is a good example of this.

urbanscapes- using subways and other parts of the urban landscape (trash, street signs etc.) to illustrate your idea.

Your Wiki assignment is as follows:

Use the internet resources posted here (links below) to find 3 examples of portraits of places that you think are especially unique, interesting and expressive. One should be a landscape, one cityscape and one interior-scape.

Then find 1-2 videos or images that explain the experimental printmaking technique you are planning to try. Explain how large you will make your image and what you will print onto. Refer to the original Portrait of A Place Research Page for Details on the techniques.

  1. Click the plus sign by Pages and Files in the upper left. Name your page with your last name-place, so my page would be Bjork-Place.
  2. Save 3 examples of outstanding photographic portraits of places and tell why you think they are good (use your art vocabulary, elements and principles to discuss),
    1. To save on the mac from the internet:
    2. Right click, save as, choose a folder on your directory or make a new one called Portrait of a Place and save into that folder.
    3. If images don't show up it means that the author of the image has it protected and it can't be copied.
    4. You can use Grab application to get a screen shot. Make sure you save it and then convert to a jpg using Photoshop
  3. Use Adobe Photoshop to combine your 3 images into one banner bar so you only have to upload one image instead of 3.
    • Do this by going to File>New>set up the resolution as 72, make sure it's in RGB, set the size to 14 inches wide by 5 inches tall. Click ok.
    • Then open your images that you've saved from the internet and pull them onto this document and save as a jpg.
    • Name it lastname place banner.jpg This will make it really easy to upload one image that contains the 3. If you keep the background white they will look like they're floating on the page.
  4. Explain what type of space this image represents (landscape, cityscape etc.)?
  5. Explain What mood is evoked by the artist?
  6. Explain Who the artist is, like what kind of work do they do? how does this image show that type of work?
  7. Explain what type of compositional technique (leading lines, rule of thirds, framing, fill the frame, level horizon, focal point and point of view) the artist used to create their portraits.
  8. Tell who the artist is that shot the photo and the title of the image if available. If you use images you may not get the actual name of the person so use their user name.
  9. Make sure you site the source where you got the photo (weblink not just google images. Need to list the actual site)
  10. Find 1-2 videos or image sequences that explain the experimental printing technique you wish to use.
  11. Embed the videos on the wiki page by using the Widget tool (select widget and then paste the embed code). To get the embed code click on Share when on YouTube. It will give you the option to get embed code. Copy and paste this code into the widget back on the wiki. Save
  12. Explain the printmaking technique you hope to use and how it will illustrate your concept for this project.
  13. Explain your concept for this project. What will your imagery look like, why?
  14. What mood and lighting will your portray?
  15. What type of place will you illustrate (landscape, cityscape etc.)
  16. Explain how large the final image will be and what it will be printed onto. Refer to the original Portrait of A Place Resource Page for details on the techniques.

Add your name to the page below and link it to your wikipage.

Make sure that you put the actual image into your post by using the file/image icon and inserting the actual image not a link.

Links to Check Out:

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