Now that you've had a chance to shoot some photos it's time to show off your work! Create a page following the directions here. Let me know when your page is finished and I will link it here so we can see your great examples of compositional and focusing techniques and how they can be combined into one unified image using Adobe Photoshop.

Look at the following links for inspiration. There are some wonderful combine images on this site....don't get carried away!

http://www.worth1000.com/ Check out the gallery pages.



Here are your directions:

  1. Create a page called Last Name First Initial-Texture. Do this by clicking the plus sign at the top left of this page next to the words Pages and Files

  2. Post your 3 original images from the texture series. Make sure they are saved as jpg, not psd files.

    1. How to save: Open file you wish to save, go to IMAGE, IMAGE SIZE

    2. Click on the inches box and resize your image so it is somewhere between 5" x 7" or 8" x 6". Remember you only have to size one of the sizes so choose the bigger one.

    3. Now click on the resolution box, which should currently say 300 ppi or dpi. Change this to 72.

    4. Click ok and your picture will now be sized for the web.

    5. Go to File, Save As and click the box that says as a copy. Now choose jpg from the drop down box. Make sure your image is named you lastname-texture 1, lastname-texture 2, lastname-texture 3 and lastname-texture final

    6. Your file should now be in the format and size needed to upload to the wiki.

  3. Post your final combined image as well and label as the final.

  4. Make sure all of these images have been re-sized in Photoshop.

  5. Follow the directions on the Weebly Website Assignment Description you downloaded for details on this. Make sure you name your page properly.

  • Write an explanation of the 10 changes you made to create a final Combined 3 Image.

  • Explain which compositional technique(s) you used in the main photograph final combined photograph.

  • Describe the texture you emphasized and any other elements and principles of design that you feel you highlighted.

  • Explain your concept for this project .

  • Explain how successful you feel you were with the assignment and any changes you would consider for next time.

Add your name and Highlight your name and link to the page you've created.

Add your Name here and highlight your name linking it to the page you created.
Mrs. Bjork
Parker Heidorf
Connor Vogt
Elise Eldredge
Kennedy Osterman
Aparna Mandapaka
Eva Jocker
Skylar Allen
Jessica Lacki
Andrew Salbeck
Ellie Tollenaar
Jacob Dundon
Ava Landmeyer
Shayla Kaatz
Nathan Lovas
Sophia Castillo
Christa Prohl
Emalie Burback
Gabi Natalizio
Moran Lauren
Mia Harris