Now that you've had some time to explore the idea of a visual metaphor share your findings with the class.

Please note if you're still not clear on what a metaphor is use Google to do some research so you better understand the concept of metaphor.


1. Create a new page and name it with your lastname-metaphor. I will link your name here to this new page after you create it.

2. Use complete sentences to answer the following on your wiki page.

3. Remember to save often and that images must be in jpeg form.

4. You can put all three images into one banner sized 14" x 4" , 72 resolution, to only have to upload once to the page with an image. To do this go to Photoshop-----file----new----14 inch width by 4 inch height at 72 resolution. Then put the images onto this banner.

5. Save as lastname-meta-banner

6. Here are the rest of the details you need to include on your page:

  1. Find images by 3 of the artists from the Visual Metaphor Resource Page who Inspired you and explain why. The images can't be the same ones that I put on the page.

  2. Post the lyrics to the song or lines of the poem or book you will be using.

  3. Explain why you chose the lyrics/poem/book lines you did.

  4. Who is the poem/song/book written by? Write this down.

  5. What visual metaphor does the song/poem/book quote evoke?

  6. What other interpretations might someone have for this song/poem/book quote?

  7. How will this quote and research influence your project? Explain... including the metaphor you hope to portray.

Link Your Name to Your New Page

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