Develop an understanding of the history of photography and the varied techniques that have led to digital images by researching various photographers and their works. Post what you’ve found on the class website and discuss by answering the questions below and participating in the conversation. Start your research at the class ning and follow some of the links I’ve posted there.

  1. Find six examples of high quality photography. 3 of your examples should come from the traditional black and white film list and three from the list of modern artists.
  2. Include the name of the photographer, a description of the technique used by the photographer (film, digital, c-print, cyanotype, Polaroid) and a link to the website where you found the work.
  3. Discuss how the photographs you've posted illustrate the elements and principles of art/design. Explain which element or principle the image illustrates and how.
  4. Examples must include the name of the artist and the links to the website where you found their work. Google images isn't a source and shouldn't be used!
  5. Discuss what you admire about the image and how it might influence your own photographic work.


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Historical Masters:

those who worked primarily with film in a darkroom

Abelardo Morell Cuban born known for his camera obscura. Master of the ordinary

Ansel Adams Worked in the National Parks and is known for his fantastic nature inspired landscapes.

Alfred Stieglitz Georgia O’Keeffe’s husband, owned galleries in NYC

Diane Arbus quirky photographer of subgroups and marginalized people in society

Lewis Hine documented life in the early 20th century factories and sweatshops

Robert Doisneau Parisian photos from the 20th century

Andre Kertesz Eastern European whose images ranged fro the surreal to street photography

Karl Blossfeldt famous for closeups of botanicals

Dorothea Lange documented American life during the depression

Ruth Bernhard avant garde portraits and more

Richard Avedon well known portrait photographer who worked for the New Yorker magazine

Annie Liebovitz worked with the rich and famous creating fabulous portraits

Margaret Bourke White worked for Life magazine documenting life in the 50’s

Imogen Cunningham American who is well known for photos of close ups and flowers

Cartier Bresson the master of them all. Known for his street photography

Lee Friedlander Contemporary humorous visually exciting

Weegee 1930-50 New York City documented the other side of the city

Arnold Newman Famous portrait photographer

Walker Evans took images of American society during the great depression

Eugene Atget famous French photographer of the late 1900’s. Another master

Jerry Uelsmann a surreal photographer

Paul Caponigro did images with of nature with sort of mystical qualities, especially focused on Ireland and ancient standing stones there.

Edward Weston photographers photographer a classic, photographed the California coast, peppers and the nude. His sons Brett and Cole also do traditional black and white photography.

Modern Photographers:

those who are still alive and shooting images and utilizing color and digital tools.

Austin Mann
Sabrina Ward Harrison
Sophie Calle (considered modern although she works in black and white and film, she is strongly influenced by movies.)
Robert and Shana Parkeharrison
John Paul Caponigro
Catherine Opie
Shirin Neshat
William Eggelston
Thomas Struth
Jeff Wall
Cindy Sherman
Robert Bergman
Jeff Jacobson
Sandy Skoglund
Frans Lanting
James Nachtwey
Michael Kenna
Joyce Tenneson
Annie Leibowitz
Galen Rowell
Maggie Taylor
Richard Misrach
Gregory Crewdson
Laura Letinsky
Martin Parr
Phillip-Lorca diCorcia
Nancy Burson
Laurence Garte
Nikki S. Lee
Dan Eldon
Katy Grannan
Alec Soth

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